Reasons to Study in Cyprus

Why Study in Cyprus?

A Bombing Higher Education Sector

Cyprus is a world-class educational and research center of excellence with high-quality academic institutions, offering a large variety of advanced and fully accredited undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, at affordable cost. With a booming sector comprising 3 public and 7 private universities and more than 40 public and private higher education institutions enjoying international academic and scientific recognition, the island attracts thousands of international students every year.

A Holistic Global Academic Experience

Intellectual capital is the national economy’s most valuable asset, contributing to the country’s social and economic progress. Committed to excellence, the government of the Republic of Cyprus invests strongly in the education sector, while also concluding agreements on cooperation and mutual recognition of qualifications with several other countries. Therefore, studying in Cyprus offers international students an unprecedented opportunity to not only enrich their knowledge with renowned professionals in state-of-the-art local facilities but also to benefit from mobility opportunities and gain a holistic global academic and cultural experience.

Quality Assurance and Enhancement

Placing great emphasis on quality assurance and quality enhancement of higher education institutions, the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education was established to improve internal and external quality assurance procedures as well as accreditation and recognition matters while ensuring the increased competitiveness of the higher education sector.


World-class research initiatives have been set up by international caliber researchers based in academic institutions and advanced research centers throughout Cyprus, placing the country high on the global research and development map. Creating value through ideas and encouraging scientific research across a wide range of disciplines, render Cyprus a growing knowledge hub in the Eastern Mediterranean offering exciting opportunities to students and young professionals from overseas who want to be part of the real change and progress in today’s society.

Encouraging Innovation, Startups, and Entrepreneurship

Promoting research and innovation leads to a creative, knowledge-based society and a boosted entrepreneurial spirit. Promising business ideas and products find real support, mentoring, and funding opportunities in Cyprus, developing into strong and rapidly growing startups and innovation ecosystem, supported by a highly educated and experienced human talent and a range of incentives that render Cyprus a perfect choice to start and scale companies. Low launching operating costs, an attractive IP box, and the introduction of the Startup Visa for third-country nationals aim to attract international innovators and multinational talent while promoting collaboration and co-creation within the wider global startup community.


Focused on cultivating a knowledge-based economy and investing in human talent, Cyprus has put in place a favorable and effective higher education framework, which emphasizes lifelong learning, internationalization, and employability. By aligning curricula with international market trends, higher education in Cyprus ensures the international employability of its graduates, developing the necessary skills to be able to effectively respond to today’s challenging and highly competitive global workplace.